Greet picks up

When customers call, Greet picks up right away.

  • Calls are diverted so your phone doesn’t ring every time

  • Callers hear a greeting customized for your business

  • Bensen’s AI phone software listens for the caller to speak in plain English

Greet understands

Unlike traditional IVRs, Greet’s AI-powered virtual receptionist understands when customers speak in plain English.

  • No need to dial 1 for this or dial 2 for that

  • Greet answers questions like “Are you open?” and “What’s your address?”

Greet texts back and responds

Greet provides answers when it can and transfers the call when needed.

  • Greet can send a text to callers who want to place an order or make a reservation with a link to do so online

  • Text from your landline number so customers know it’s from you

  • Callers always have the option to be transferred directly to speak with you and your employees

AI that works for your business

Bensen’s cutting-edge natural language processing technology makes AI work for your business.

Reduce phone interruptions

Businesses that use Greet experience 50% fewer phone interruptions.

Divert callers to online channels

Greet boosts online ordering and booking volume by 30%.

Always on and always available

Greet never rests so that even when you’re busy or closed, customers won’t be left hanging.

Two steps to launch

Setting up your virtual receptionist with Greet is easy.

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