One of the more confusing aspects of restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic is rules governing how late restaurants can stay open and what they’re allowed to serve. During the peak, many states issued general curfews and stay-at-home orders. These orders required residents to stay home except for essential activities. Since then most of the general curfews have been lifted, but there are still some targeted restaurant curfews in certain states. These restrictions can be confusing and may impact all service or just alcohol service.

The following is a table with the latest information on restrictions in all 50 states plus DC and Puerto Rico. To use the guide:

  • If a state does not appear, there are no restrictions on hours as of the last time this guide was updated. There may be other restrictions on dining capacity, see our guide for more details.
  • “L” indicates that restrictions vary widely by city or county within the state. (Note that even entries marked as “Y” or “N” may have some variation by city/county.)
  • If the “Alcohol only” column is marked X, the restriction applies only to serving alcohol and does not affect food service or other operations.
  • Information is not guaranteed to be up to date (though if you find any errors, please contact us).

Last updated: February 18, 2021

Restaurant curfews by state

State Shut down by Reopen at Alcohol only State Guidance Last Updated
California N/A N/A     2/26/2021
Colorado 11PM or 12AM N/A X Link 2/26/2021
Connecticut 11PM N/A   Link 2/26/2021
Illinois 11PM or 12PM 6AM   Link 2/26/2021
Kentucky 11PM N/A   Link 2/26/2021
Louisiana 11PM 8AM X Link 2/26/2021
Michigan 10PM N/A   Link 2/18/2021
Minnesota 11PM 4AM   Link 2/18/2021
Mississippi 11PM 7AM X Link 2/18/2021
Missouri N/A N/A     2/18/2021
New Mexico L L   Link 2/18/2021
New York 11PM N/A   Link 2/18/2021
North Carolina 10PM 5AM   Link 2/18/2021
Oregon 11PM or 12AM N/A   Link 2/18/2021
Pennsylvania 11PM N/A X Link 2/18/2021
Puerto Rico 12AM 5AM   Link 2/18/2021
South Carolina 11PM N/A X Link 2/18/2021
Vermont 10PM N/A   Link 2/18/2021
Virginia 12AM N/A X Link 2/18/2021
Washington 11PM N/A   Link 2/18/2021


San Francisco still has a 10PM-5AM curfew in place.


Illinois has a region-based system. The listed rules are mostly in place in the Chicago area.


Rules vary by county. Kansas City, MO has a 12AM curfew.

North Carolina

In addition, alcohol sales prohibited from 9pm to 7am.


Guidance varies by zone.


No alcohol sold past 10PM.