If you pay close attention to the ins and outs of the restaurant industry (like we do here at Bensen) you’ll notice that there are always lists that come out on the fastest growing restaurants in America.  Usually, these are the reordering of the same well established brands that we’ve all heard of with a national presence who are poised for a major regional or international expansion.  What we’d like to do is go a step further and figure out who are really the up and comers?  Whose stock do we want to buy now because in 5-10 years they are going to be mentioned in the same breath as the Starbucks & Dominos of the world?  These are your High School Lebron James, Garage Steve Jobs and Harvard Dorm Room Facebooks of the restaurant industry.  You probably haven’t been to these places yet but soon enough, they’ll be coming to a market near you.

Clean Juice

Locations: 66

Social Tag: @cleanjuice

These guys might be the fastest growing restaurant that we’ve ever seen.  Started in 2014, Clean Juice is slated to have over 100 stores in the next year and boasts a franchise model that businesses are surely monitoring.  Started by husband and wife Landon & Kat Eckles, this North Carolina based company is sweeping the nation with its cold pressed bottles, acai bowls, juices and cleanses.  Attributing to their success, their new app, built by LevelUp is cool in design, promotes loyalty to all branches and allows for a seamless checkout process.


Locations: 40

Social Tag: @rotimodernmed

Healthy salads and bowls needs the Mediterranean is the best way to describe Roti.  This Chicago QSR has opened 6 new locations in the past few months and have many more in their queue.  Helping to aid their growth is an attractive, modern yet simple ordering system that drives revenue and promotes loyalty.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Locations: 69

Social Tag: @anthonyscoalfiredpizza

Besides having Dan Marino (laces out) as the spokesperson, ACFP has taken the eastern seaboard by storm in the past few years.  All their pizzas and wings are cooked in their coal oven resulting in happy customers.  All ACFP locations have a full liquor license and promoting community engagement.  Essentially ACFP is a top line fast casual option that is family friendly.  Their Coal Fire Club has attractive incentives for loyal customers.

Joe Coffee

Locations: 19

Social Tag: @joecoffeecompany

If you live anywhere in NYC, you’ve surely seen Joe’s start to pop up periodically.  With a focus on quality above all, they have won the hearts of New Yorkers everywhere who take their coffee very seriously.  Joe’s presence expands past brick and mortar as they have eCommerce subscriptions and even offer barista classes to coffee enthusiasts.  With a recent investment round highlighted by Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, Joe Coffee is poised for national expansion.


Locations: 85

Social Tag: salatasalads

Apparently Texans are trading in their steaks for salads.  Salata has been steadily growing and are looking to undertake a rapid expansion by more than doubling their location count up to 200 by 2020.  On the technical side they are undergoing a complete digital overhaul of their POS, online ordering and app that should create a solid foundation for their expansion.


Locations: 70

Social Tag: @cava

This choose your own adventure health food brand out of Washington D.C. is certainly on the up and up.  With recent acquisition of Zoe’s Kitchen and a west coast/new england expansion underway they are showing no signs of slowing down.  There’s so many options to choose from that no two bowls are ever alike.

Bluestone Lane

Locations: 28

Social Tag: @bluestonelane

This high end Australian Cafe has strategically opened in some of the most desirable neighborhoods in the country including the Upper West Side, SF’s Financial District & Venice Beach.  Aside from their vibrant brick and mortar locations, they have an eCommerce presence offering subscriptions of some of their signature blends.

CoreLife Eatery

Locations: 40

Social Tag: @corelifeeatery

Started in 2015, CoreLife is a true American success story.  Founded on the principle of providing clean, healthy and great tasting foods, this chain has developed a cult like following for people dedicated to nurturing their bodies with the freshest and healthiest ingredients.


Locations: 31

Social Tag: @wahlburgers

Obviously the TV show helped fuel growth as well as the bank roll/connections that the Wahlberg family brings.  Wahlbergs is poised for global domination as their fresh burgers have hundreds of variations to appeal to just about anyone.  Growth does no longer only monitor locations but also in the form of food trucks and burger shelf space in grocery stores across the country.

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